United Bank for Africa (UBA) - An Open Letter To UBA (My Sad Experience With UBA Africard Visa Card)

I got my card in September 2012 and that same month I did a test withdrawal of $21 from my STP account (www.solidtrustpay.com) into the card which was successful and I was able to withdraw the cash @ UBA ATM.

My next 2 transaction (withdrawal) of over $500 from the same STP to the VISA card has not been processed since November and December 2012 and up till now the money has not been credited into my UBA Africard Visa Card account.

The excuse the bank (UBA) staffs gave me initially was that the card cannot receive fund and to which I showed them proof (evidence) that I had received fund into the same card from the same merchant on a previous occasion (September 2012) and which was successful as this can be seen in my account statement.

Its over 12months (one full year) now that the fund ($500+) I transfered from my STP account (www.solidtrustpay.com) into my UBA (VISA CARD) Africard has not been credited into my Card account.
I have called the customer care line severally, even visited my branch and the Head Office @ Marina all to no avail; all you people do is to keep pushing me back and forth each time (because of my SWEAT).

In August 2013 (after eight months of waiting), I met with the Operations Manager of my branch (he queried why I had waited so long to report the issue and I immediately pointed to him every step I had taken in the last 8months).

He promised to look into the issue and said that there are two options:
- To Load the funds onto my card or

- That the fund be reversed back to the merchant if it cannot be loaded onto my card.

But as at today (09.02.2014) UBA is yet to resolve this issue.

This is not how to treat a customer.

All am asking for right now is that UBA loads the fund into my Visa card or reverse the transaction to my STP account. Either way I can have access to my money.


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    Adexsaid: Feb 09 2014, 10:13 am

    I have a friend with exact similar situation with UBA with his domiciliary account, guys hare this on facebook so people can know how they are treating their customers

    Olatpicsaid: Feb 10 2014, 08:42 am

    Thanks Adex for the comment. Its been so frustrating and pathetic.